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Craig Lazzeretti

Craig Lazzeretti is a career journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He spent 25 years with Bay Area News Group (publisher of The Mercury News and East Bay Times) in various roles, including as a business/personal finance editor and an assigning editor on its Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the 2016 Ghost Ship warehouse fire. Since 2018, he has worked as an independent writer and editor, contributing to the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism, the sports website and the nonprofit California news site CalMatters, among other outlets. Craig can be reached at

Graph of workers comp insurance rates increasing after COVID-19

How Will COVID-19 Affect Workers Comp Costs?

By Craig Lazzeretti

The brief pegged a potential range of impacts from COVID-19 workers comp claims at anywhere from $2.7 billion to an eye-popping $81.5 billion.

Injured worker meeting with lawyer to sue employer

Can I Sue My Employer for Negligence?

By Craig Lazzeretti

The case for suing an employer for negligence is rare, but there are situations like gross negligence & third-party lawsuits in which suing for negligence is appropriate.