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Workers compensation. Everyone’s heard of it — the signs are tacked to workplace bulletin boards everywhere — but unless you’re a lawyer, a policy geek or employed in human resources, you might not have a clue what it’s all about. … We’re here to change that!

Meet The Team

Bill Fay

Bill Fay

Editor in Chief

Bill Fay has touched a lot of bases in his 45-year career. He started as a sports writer, gaining national attention for work on college and professional sports. He had regular roles as an analyst on radio and television and later became a speech writer for a government agency. His most recent work is as an internet content marketing specialist. Bill can be reached at

Joey Johnson

Staff Writer

Joey Johnston has more than 30 years of experience as a journalist with the Tampa Tribune and St. Petersburg Times, where he won a dozen national writing awards. He was a sideline reporter for radio broadcasts and his freelance work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, People Magazine and numerous internet websites. Joey can be reached at

Tom Jackson headshot

Tom Jackson

Staff Writer

Tom Jackson won dozens of national awards as a columnist for newspapers in Washington, D.C., Sacramento and Tampa. His writing has spread from business to politics to sports with an emphasis on community issues. Tom splits his time between Tampa and Cashiers, N.C. with his wife of 40 years, a college-age son and a yappy Shetland sheepdog named Spencer. Tom can be reached at

George Morris Headshot

George Morris

Staff Writer

George Morris’ 40-year writing career includes stories on Super Bowls, evangelists, World War II veterans and ordinary people with extraordinary tales. He has been honored with awards from then Society of Professional Journalists and the Louisiana Press Association. His recent focus has been personal finance advice and now, workers compensation. George can be reached at

Craig Lazzeretti headshot

Craig Lazzeretti

Staff Writer

Craig Lazzeretti is a career journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He spent 25 years with Bay Area News Group (publisher of The Mercury News and East Bay Times) in various roles, including as a business/personal finance editor and an assigning editor on its Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the 2016 Ghost Ship warehouse fire. Since 2018, he has worked as an independent writer and editor, contributing to the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism, the sports website and the nonprofit California news site CalMatters, among other outlets. Craig can be reached at

Who We Are

We are seasoned, savvy, award-winning journalists who have enlightened and entertained readers with lively reporting and commentary on events from around the world to just around the corner for more than 40 years. Our resumes include coverage of everything from political conventions and Super Bowls to natural disasters and families reassembling their lives after tragedies. You’ll find that same experienced, but fresh, approach to workers compensation, a subject anyone who works for a living (or employs them) must know more about.

What We Do is your unbiased, go-to source for information, news and insights on the topic of protecting employees – and employers! – when there’s an accident in the workplace.

Why We Do It

Workers compensation is more complicated than a Rubik’s Cube, but securing a winning outcome is no idle game, especially when your recovery and financial wellbeing might depend on maximizing your benefits. Spend a little time with us; you’ll learn what workers compensation really means for you!

How We Do It

Our dedicated contributors do the deep research, then expertly engage lawyers, judges, insurance companies, policymakers and business owners, letting these experts tell the inside story of what unfolds when an employee is injured or contracts a work-related illness.

Know Your Options

Want to understand the important rights you have under workers compensation laws? We’re here for you! Welcome aboard.