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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson won dozens of national awards as a columnist for newspapers in Washington, D.C., Sacramento and Tampa. His writing has spread from business to politics to sports with an emphasis on community issues. Tom splits his time between Tampa and Cashiers, N.C. with his wife of 40 years, a college-age son and a yappy Shetland sheepdog named Spencer. Tom can be reached at

Employee working from home grabbing at his injured back

Can You Get Workers Comp If You Work From Home?

By Tom Jackson

Even as the world edges back toward pre-pandemic norms, at least one COVID-driven phenomenon remains: Lots of employees — 12.7% of full-time workers — continue to log a considerable number…

Wet floor sign in the hallway of an office building

Can You Get Workers Comp If You Slip and Fall at Work?

By Tom Jackson

Have you suffered an injury as a result of a slip-and-fall incident at work? You’re hardly alone. While there is all manner of ways to get hurt at work, slips,…

Clipboard indicating a pre-existing condition on the medical form

Does Workers Comp Cover Aggravated Pre-Existing Conditions?

By Tom Jackson

Aggravating a pre-existing injury or illness while on the job is among the trickiest areas of workers compensation law. In short, you will be in a battle from the get-go.…

Workers crumpling a piece of paper

What Not to Do While on Workers Comp

By Tom Jackson

Although workers compensation is designed to provide benefits for employees who get sidelined by a job-related injury or illness, getting what you deserve means avoiding mistakes that can hamper or…

Doctors performing surgery on an injured worker

Does Surgery Increase Workers Comp Settlement?

By Tom Jackson

Minor surgery, the saying goes, is surgery involving someone else. When you’re the one drifting off under anesthesia, there’s nothing minor about any concerns you’re having. Likewise, when surgery is…

Sign indicating caution for work restrictions

What Happens If an Employer Cannot Accommodate Light Duty Work Restrictions?

By Tom Jackson

You’ve been injured on the job. You have enough problems without having to worry whether the government is going to take a chunk of your workers compensation pay.

Calendar marking the day workers comp benefits end

How Long Does Workers Comp Last?

By Tom Jackson

You should receive a paycheck from workers comp within a month of the accident, depending on your state and claim approval. Medical benefits will begin right away.

Job application for new job while on workers comp

Can I Get a New Job While on Workers Comp?

By Tom Jackson

Nothing can prevent an injured worker from taking a new job, but it can affect his/her benefits. Learn more about changing jobs while on workers comp.