Bill Fay

Bill Fay has touched a lot of bases in his 45-year career. He started as a sports writer, gaining national attention for work on college and professional sports. He had regular roles as an analyst on radio and television and later became a speech writer for a government agency. His most recent work is as an internet content marketing specialist. Bill can be reached at

Posts by Bill Fay:


Is Workers Comp Taxable?

You’ve been injured on the job. You have enough problems without having to worry whether the government is going to take a chunk of your workers compensation pay.


What to Do When Your Employer Refuses to File a Workers Comp Claim

Workers compensation rules can get complicated but are really simple – You get hurt, you get treatment, you get paid. So what happens if your boss doesn’t follow the rules? Specifically, what if your employer refuses to file a workers compensation claim?


What Happens If You Quit Your Job While on Workers Comp

The consequences for quitting a job while on workers comp depends on the recovery progress; reasons for quitting; which state you live in; eligibility for benefits.


When Does Workmans Comp Start Paying?

You should receive a paycheck from workers comp within a month of the accident, depending on your state and claim approval. Medical benefits will begin right away.


How to Help Injured Employees Return to Work (It’s a Team Effort)

To help an employee back to work you need to have a process, communicate with the doctor, create a re-training program, relax and set expectations.


Can You Trust Your Workers Comp Doctor?

If you are one of the three million employees injured in the workplace every year, are you confident that the medical treatment prescribed for your injury/illness is going to be effective?


New Law Poses Billion Dollar Workers Comp Problem for Uber, Lyft

Companies operating in the gig economy could incur significant workers compensation costs under California’s new law AB 5.