Is Workers Comp Taxable?

You've been injured on the job. You have enough problems without having to worry whether the government is going to take a chunk of your workers compensation pay. Fear not.              When it comes to how much tax is taken out of workers benefits, there's a simple answer. "None," said Tom Holder, a workers compensation attorney in Atlanta. At least that's
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What to Do When Your Employer Refuses to File a Workers Comp Claim

Workers compensation rules can get complicated but are really simple - You get hurt, you get treatment, you get paid. So what happens if your boss doesn't follow the rules? Specifically, what if your employer refuses to file a workers compensation claim? Employers are required to post rules around the workplace that spell out what happens in case of an
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What Happens If You Quit Your Job While on Workers Comp

There are about 150 million people employed in America. A lot of them have at one point wanted to sing Johnny Paycheck's No. 1 hit – “Take this job and shove it, I ain't working here no more." But can you safely sing that tune if you're on workers comp? You may really want to quit your job if you've
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Can I Sue My Employer for Negligence?

It’s tempting for workers injured on the job to assume that the workers compensation system prevents them from suing their employer for negligence. After all, the very premise of  workers  comp is that it’s a “no-fault” insurance system designed to compensate employees quickly and fairly without having to sort through the often-thorny question of “blame.” Employees are guaranteed workers comp
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How Long Does Workers Comp Last?

If you have qualified for workers compensation benefits, you know how complicated the system can be. How to manage what you’ve earned is, in many ways, even more complex. How long will your workers comp benefits last? How long can you be on workers comp? How long does workers comp pay? The one-size-fits-all answer is probably the least helpful: It depends.
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When Does Workmans Comp Start Paying?

If you fall off a tall ladder or get in a car wreck at work, the first question you might have is "Am I still alive?" If the answer is yes – and we hope it is – the second question is often, "When does workers compensation start paying?" The short answer is immediately, if you're talking about medical bills.
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Can I Get a New Job While on Workers Comp?

Employees who have qualified for workers compensation benefits can’t be faulted for thinking about a new line of work while they recover — or even when they’re back on the job. Maybe they want something safer, or less physically taxing. Perhaps they want to learn new skills, take their talents in a fresh direction, or experience a different set of
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How to Help Injured Employees Return to Work (It’s a Team Effort)

The case for establishing a return to work policy for injured workers seems obvious – you hate to lose an employee for any reason – but remains a sore spot for many employers and employees. Employers often refer to their employees as a “team” but the team doesn’t always believe management has their best interests at heart, particularly when they
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Can You Trust Your Workers Comp Doctor?

If you are one of the three million employees injured in the workplace every year, are you confident that the medical treatment prescribed for your injury/illness is going to be effective? You can hope that is the case, but you would do well to get familiar with the terms “differential diagnosis” and “science-based medicine” if you want to improve the
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